For Erykah Badu ‘Window Seat’ Is A Metaphor

I may be heavily detoxing from this past week spent in Miami at the Winter Music Conference, but nothing was going to keep me away from a computer once I discovered that Erykah Badu's official video for "Window Seat" was available exclusively on her official website. Sadly, the picture above is grainy as is the look of this video. Ironically, Ms. Badu is walking down a street near Dallas' city center as unsuspecting folks witness her strip, yes, strip down to her birthday suit. But you know what? I feel like that sometimes--okay, all the time. I guess when you can't get a ticket out of town for a safe touchdown, you escape in any way possible even if that includes public nudity. I'm down for streaking, especially when it comes to Erykah Badu and her political manifestations. Sound weird? It is, yet oddly fulfilling because we're all constantly evolving. It'll all make more sense once you check it out after the bounce. Thanks SoulUK for the video. 

After the bounce

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  1. This is really of short film quality, so that's how I'm referring to it. I watched it this morning on her website and I was just blown away. It's an amazing commentary on the rampant homogenization found in the music industry right now. On a superficial level, EB is hella sexy and I love how, in spite of how small she is, Erykah really does have a "real woman's" body, so even that is a statement unto itself. Overall, it truly is a brilliant piece of visual art.

  2. She's walking past the old Book Depository (now Sixth Floor Museum) where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated (on Elm St. going towards I-35 North). Strong metaphors, indeed.

  3. Loved the video! Also loved langston's comment, and agree 🙂

  4. Loved it, loved it, loved it...Brilliant Badu strikes again. And I'm so happy to see a video that brings a message to light, pushes the bar, and grabs your attention without the artist using the cliche music video formula; cars, booty, chains, alcohol. Beautiful song, beautiful video, and I'm so anxious to get the new cd.

  5. artistry ain't dead.

  6. LMAO! that dude in the red @ 1:48 ran and snatched up her coat!

  7. Wow! E. Badu is fierce!

  8. Performance art to the max!

  9. Love the video. Love Badu.

  10. I thought this video was genius...until I saw Matt & Kim's.

  11. I am starting to see why rappers wanna have babies with Ms, Badu, I cant front she is banging physically, lawd have mercy she is banging! however I still can only tolerate her squeaky ass voice in small doses. As fine as she is why does she always seem to distract from the music with her outrageous ass costumes? I mean I always thought when she keeps it simple she is that much more beautiful. SB knows I am not a Badu fan but, I cant front I actually like this song, not that I am gonna run out and buy the CD though, I dont like her THAT much:-)

  12. Love the song and the video...Eryka has always been bold.

  13. Well then, plebeian, keep on listening to your Beyonce, Rihanna, Keys et al...we'll keep listening to real conscious music. You obviously need a "window seat" and you know who you are!!!!!!
    In the spirit of Jill , Lalah, N'dambi etc... Erykah is a genius, probably way above your IQ level; I suggest you save up a little stash and purchase a show ticket this summer to 'edumacate' your thirsty mind. Ugh what a waste of breath...casting my pearls before swine.
    "To go down dilapidated....surely...." (he's/she's like dah heh???)

  14. You all are getting engaging social commentary, and using words like "homogenization" to describe this video. I guess I am not as deep as you guys cause I didn't get it. And before some of you go on a rant on how I am somehow not as "holy as thou" let me say I am a huge Badu fan. I just don't see what everybody else is seeing. I need it explained.

  15. K Rock I feel you. In the opposite sense tho. I tryed to explain it to someone and they didnt get it either. But I eventually came to a good way to say it:
    I see her pulling off the layers to show who she really is as an artist. For some the only way to really create is to strip off the layers that everyone else wears. Because in the arts ( like life) it's easier to keep your clothes on and look and be like everyone else.
    Everyone gets happy when you START stripping. But much like people watching the video, we are thinking...." can stop now". While others are saying "take it off!! take it off!!" Thats the arts right there in a nutshell. We all say we want the real. But like baring yourself naked, not everyone is comfortable with it.
    The whole Texas/JFK/Tower thing makes me think of how we assinate the leaders, the innovators and the risk takers. It's funny that a hip hop lyricist can conjur up imagery ( JFK/MLK/X assasinations, World Trade) But the visual-literal makes some feel uneasy.

  16. I finally got around to watching the Badu video after getting back to NY from the WMC. I saw it...and I liked it. And most importantly, I GET IT! Well done, Ms Badu!

  17. Based on the location of the video, and the way it ends, I think the graininess was a comparison to the infamous Zapruder film which captured Kennedy's assassination. It's just another level of artistic greatness to this music video.

  18. Is there an uncensored version?

  19. LOVED.IT. I am soooo inspired!!

  20. Would be better if the idea were that original. She even stole the death scene BUT good to see a mainstream artsit take this risk though