Janelle Monáe Shakes Her Shimmy On The ‘Tightrope’

Janelle Monáe groupies like myself can hardly wait for the May 18th release of her new CD The ArchAndroid, but we were given a teaser today when MTV debuted her video to her single "Tightrope" that was released last month before she began touring. The song features Big Boi from Outkast, and I must say that Leftfoot was looking quite attractive in this video that reminded me of the lunchroom scene in the movie Fame, if not a bit muted with its monochromatic visuals. Janelle does her tightrope shimmy as only she can do in this vid, and this time with the background support of some black and white clad dancers who really were unnecessary--for they can't hold a candle to Janelle dance-wise. As we've noted in previous posts about other artists and the seemingly bare bones video plots that appear to be the trend nowadays, Monáe's video definitely seems to be using the minimalist approach. The android and futuristic theme is notably absent, replaced with a dated setting that resonates with touches of Harry Potter and grim reaper-like figures who wear mirrors as face masks. In any rate, the video is a fun watch and sure to be a nice respite if you happen to be watching at work. Just don't start dancing like Janelle on your way to the water cooler.

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  1. This has that Hey Ya appeal to it, babygirl might have a top ten hit on her hands. I also had no idea she was so damn attractive (minus the pink panther hairdo of course:-)

  2. Soul Brother #1 would be proud...........Big up to James Brown, his influence is still kicking, good look Monae.

  3. I love this video, love that girls footwork.
    Btw, that's not Harry Potter referenced in the video but an old japanimation filick 'Spirited Away'

  4. That is a great video. The girl can move.

  5. This would have been nice with a dancing in the streets vibe. I think this video will downgrade a fantastic song that could've gotten big over the summer but probably wont. A re-do is in order. Stoney is right she is very pretty.

  6. Love every piece of this video - SO FANTASTIC!!

  7. Perfection is hard .... but this is it.
    LOVE IT!!! Great energy, great people and a great story.

  8. Funky, fresh, new and understated.
    Loving this girl and this killer video.

  9. Avatar

    Too late, I definitely shimmied all over my office! I love this video and Janelle and the entire Wondaland family! Always so fresh. So relevant.

  10. This video is amazing.
    It's refreshing to know creativity didn't die with the Fugees. I saw her live in DC a few weeks ago and this video does the live show zero justice.
    I tried to throw my draws on stage but then I realized that I needed to save them for work tomorrow as every last other pair I owned was dirty.
    Seriously, see her in person, fall in love, tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell their ex to buy the album.

  11. Saw 'Tightrope' this morning & I've been replaying it in my mind all day. Are those background dancers on the same level as Janelle? Probably not. Just as no one could touch the unique stylings of James Brown or Michael Jackson. However, they do add a certain flare with the tuxes that definitely sets this video apart from anything that's out today. Sure, Janelle is a scene stealer all by herself, but I think the background dancers were totally necessary & add to the whole neo-nostalgic magic of the vid. My favorite part is the break @ the 3:18 mark. I've always had an affinity for dressing sharp & syncronized dancing. Must be the frat boy in me. If I was still in undergrad, 'Tightrope' would've been at the top of my list for a stepshow theme.
    Love everything about this vid! Get it, J!

  12. Now this is what I'm talking about. Fucking badass.

  13. The vid is independent! Love it ! and Janelle looks cute too.

  14. Changed my mind. The song is too hot and Janelle is too fly not to watch.

  15. I LOVED IT!!!!!! Can't get the song out of my head!!!