JoJo Has Been Worth The ‘Wait’

JoJo is one of those artists who I've always known is there, but she's never been at the forefront of my consciousness. Even when she popped onto the scene at 13 with her well-received, Pop-R&B debut, I took notice but kept it moving. I'm not exactly her target demographic, so I was never pressed. But with this new single from her upcoming third album, All I Want Is Everything, I may be inclined to pay more attention to Little Miss JoJo. "Wait A Minute (For Your Love)" is a smoothed-out Soul cut featuring woodwinds and a piano in a sexy two-step. But JoJo's voice steals the spotlight. Babygirl sounds real nice right here. Her voice has matured with her material. Take a listen and leave your two cents in the comments.

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  1. Wow. I'm quite impressed. I remember her song "Get Out" and wondering "why the hell is she talking about a relationship? She's 13!" Now I can listen knowing that she's of age to have such feelings (lol). Good stuff.

  2. Wow. Is this the same JoJo from back in the day??? Crazy. I'm digging the song too.

  3. Now THIS is quality music!
    If the REST of her record sounds like THIS, I'm buying TWO copies!
    Maxwell and Sade need to take heed to this sound right here!

  4. I'm diggin it! She actually has a few songs that were leaked that are very nice. I was shocked to know it was little JoJo from back in the day. I hope she keeps it up!

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    Yeah the other leaks are pretty tight, at least she made it through the voice change, and a slighty hotmess of a fling w/ Freddie Adu. Kinda glad she resisted the urge to go with a rap in the break...I was actually checking her twitter page and she was big uppin the new Jill Scott tour announcement, so she is firmly grounded in that real R&B and has displayed elegant patience for this industry and it's flashy trends. Yall just wait for Tori Kelly, if only they all went for this kind of instrumentation...
    Hopefully it's comin back.

  6. I love this!!! I need to know where i can get it now, I've listened to it like 10 times already!! Its SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL...NOT TOO MUCH...JUST ENOUGH

  7. I EFFED with JoJo since the 1st album.

  8. Somebody please tell the other "mainstream" R&B singers to take note, it is about sound and quality and not gimmicks. This is very Faithesque-which is a good thing. Props to Jojo I have always liked her.

  9. I've always thought JoJo was dope. Even with that first album, at a young age, she displayed pipes outshining most of her comtemporaries. So like baybruh, I've effed with JoJo since back in the day. This is a nice classy ass tune that I'm so feeling. I know that recently she was having strife with her label, Blackground. I hope that her label mess is cleared up so that she can finally release some music I'm glad she's still around.She's a classy girl, with definite talent.

  10. Good stuff. Slept on her debut stuff, then last year stumbled across her live "mashup" of "Too LIttle, Too Late" and Jill's "Long Walk". At first I was like "that takes nerve, young miss!", but the more I listened I had to give props.
    She also covers Musiq, George Benson SWV and Beyonce in the same session. Pleasant surprises all, and I've been waiting for her return to the scene ever since.
    Love this new maturity in both her voice and music. Welcome back, JoJo.

  11. This song is something serious. Has been on repeat for the last 2 hours

  12. ...this kinda reminds me of "Settle For My Love" but JoJo definitely has talent. I'll have to find the first album and will probably get the new one.

  13. Jojo is the real deal! While many may have dismissed her as a mini-Brittney she is more like a mini-Christina with the pipes to match. Both her album shave been well produced with amazing vocals and I knew by the time time she reached 18 she would be a serious force!

  14. I've loved JoJo ever since a friend tricked me into listening to her version of "Weak." Glad to hear her maturing into something marvelous. Hope the rest of the album reflects this jazzy soulful goodness.

  15. I have been checking for Jojo since her first album where I pleasantly discovered she could get down with R&B. It's always nice to hear her R&B tracks rather than pop tracks. She sounds really nice on this song!

  16. I first met JoJo when she was just trying to get her career started and she performed live in our studios at Launch Music (later to become Yahoo! Music) in L.A. with some material from her first album. Even then she had amazing potential and it's so good to see babygirl sounding so mature. Keep going JoJo!

  17. Well damn that lil heffa can blow! Is this the new Teena Marie?!


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