YahZarah Wants To Know ‘Why Dontcha Call Me No More’

There aren't enough superlatives to describe how much I am loving YahZarah's first single from her highly-anticipated The Ballad of Purple Saint James. "Why Doncha Call Me No More" goes in from beginning to end. YahZarah belts out a hate letter to her ex on this new soul wave jam. This song is a bucket of cold water on her old flame. She doesn't wish him well. She wants him to feel the same pain he caused her. She's effectively giving him the second half of a peace sign. Produced by The Foreign Exchange, Nicolay's signature keys can be heard on the track with Phonte holding it down lovely on handclaps and tambourine. Lil Jon Roberts beats the hell out of the drums like they owe him money, labelmate Zo! does his thing on the bass and Chris Boerner works some serious magic on electric guitar. That impressive list of contributors aside, YahZarah is the focal point here--and all eyes and ears are trained on her. If this song is any indication, then The Ballad of Purple Saint James is going to be one of this year's best. 2010 just got a lot more interesting.

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10 Responses

  1. I dont know. This just totally unexpected, I was thinking something more soulful, especially with this being the FE click. I'm have to play this a few times to see if it sticks. I just dont know........

  2. i was so suprised by the sound but I REALLY like it.

  3. yeah, i concur with the other statements. the sound really surprised me, will have to have a second or third listen.

  4. I love it!!! This song is crazy "I hope you have a little girl... and somebody breaks her heart"!!! Damn
    Yazarah's Myspace has said that the Purple St. James album was going to be more fusion for quite sometime now, I wanna say even before the Foreign Exchange album came out. I will definitely be looking out for this!

  5. The song really reminded me of Janelle Monae- who I really love.

  6. Luv it! I didn't have any expectations on the sound, but I was pleasantly surprised!
    On another note looking at this pic, inspires me to get to the gym.

  7. I made sure I downloaded this song first thing this morning. I know it's not a happy song, but it leaves me feeling that way. Very happy. Happy for Yahzarah (been DYING for some new music from her), happy for +FE (it's a full blown label now!), and happy for the future of soul music.

  8. she's talented and beautiful but this doesn't work for me.

  9. THIS SONG IS SMOKING HOT. Yazarah's vocals over a New Wave beat this is so lovely.

  10. This is the perfect formula for 2010. She just needs a hot video for this song. LOVE IT!


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