Bilal & Shafiq Husayn Get Higher With ‘Cheeba’

You know what's awesome? Shafiq Husayn's En'A-Free-Ka that I've been bumping since it dropped. You know what is slightly awesomer? This new video from Shafiq featuring Bilal for "Cheeba" from the aforementioned En'A-Free-Ka album. Watch and try to dissuade me from making the following statement: this video is the best video I've seen all year. Beautiful brown bodies shown in ways that are more in sync with an experience not hell-bent on proving how irresponsible and unlike our true selves we can be. You know what's even more awesomer than this video? The fact that Bilal is making good on his promise to drop a new album this year on the Plug Research label, also home to Shafiq and SoulBounce faves Quadron. Get your soul glow on after you press play. 

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  1. Copped that Shafiq Husayne yesterday. Fire from top to bottom. We all need to get two copies when Bilal drops to make up for Love for Sale. Tragic.


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