‘How’ Does Taihisha Do It?

Taihisha may be Donna Summer's niece as evidenced by the above photograph, but we're guessing that nepotism wasn't too much of a factor when it came to realizing that Taihisha could live off her own merits, thank you. I'm digging this track sent over by the extraordinary Barry King. "How Do I Love" is a light, airy, yet totally danceable House jammy jam. I'm guessing that I'm already late on the plethora of remixes made to this. Pardon me while I press play anyway.  

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3 Responses

  1. cuz, I know how you do it... gods grace... love it!!! Keep doing your thing... Love your #1 fan!!!!!

  2. Thank u ill Mama & Butta..Nuff respect 4 the good vibes here...This 1 is the warm up from the EP 'JUST ME' coming out via Faada Recs in London.There's a Project in june with Erik Rico & tracks by 4 Hero's Marc Mac...& a load more ! soul-house-funk-afro-latin-nu jazz-reggae-broken the lot..u know how i play music then u know what my folks gonna be like..anything u need to know please feel free to link me...stay real people....B.K.

  3. Two black wemen representing black music at it's best young gifted and black you give us reasons to feel pride,feel love , you move our emotions May the most high God bless you bouth always !


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