Is Rap Really That Bad?

I know the question has been raised numerous times, including on this website. Here at SoulBounce we tend to want to focus more on what the future holds instead of lamenting the present and glorifying the good old days. The question still deserves to be asked nonetheless: Why has Hip Hop been sucking rocks so hard for the past several years? New York--my beloved hometown--has significantly fallen off--with other cities not exactly picking up the slack that The West and South and The Midwest and damn near everywhere else left. While there most definitely are young and older rap cats still laying it down, I think we can all collectively breathe a dour sigh when we think about what Hip Hop used to be and mean to all of us. Looking at the photo above, I realize that this couldn't be any more ironic that Ludacris is putting Justin Bieber in a strangle hold. Okay, maybe if Nicki Minaj were in Justin's place. Maybe.

Speaking of Minaj, Phillip Mlynar of Unkut writes:

On her own demerits, there's nothing much wrong with Young Money rapstress Nicki Minaj. She's a terrible rapper who spits worse than Lil Mama and makes music that's perfect for 12-year-old girls to listen to...taking time to get annoyed at her is a waste of energy. Unfortunately, people won't leave it at that - especially 'cos there's little that excites writers more than the novelty of a female rapper (a trait only pipped by the socio-eco-anthro-political potential of writing about a white rapper).

Want more including why our collective disgust at actually wanting to pay for music is worsening the genre we claim to love so much? Check out Mlynar's "10 Depressingly Annoying Things About Modern Rap." You can thank me later.

"10 Depressingly Annoying Things About Modern Rap" [UK]

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4 Responses

  1. Rap is pretty bad, however, as most of us older heads know, There is great Rap also, it's just harder to find. You won't hear Talib or Little Brother on the radio, so we are stuck with Lil Wayne, Drake and now "The Ghetto Barbie" ad nausium. Thank God, Uh I mean Al Gore for the internet. LMAO

  2. The tables are turning. Good music lovers just have to keep pushing. If you LOVE good music, pay for it. The artists we love can't make it on well wishes alone. We're not there yet but I'm confident the music will prevail. Skip a latte and buy a CD.

  3. It's never going to be 1986 again. I wish it would but we are past those days. The fact of the matter is that there are people out there who make music we don't like and there is a smaller number of people who make music we do like. I'm tired of worrying about people who are wack. I'm going to focus on the music I like.

  4. If the only thing we have left to get excited about is Drake, you might as well close the coffin while i get ready to throw some dirt on it.


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