Jamiroquai To Tour This Summer…In Europe At Least

Earlier this week a friend brought up Jamiroquai in conversation, and I've been on a kick ever since--dialing them up on my iPod, watching their videos on YouTube and wondering just where in the heck the acid jazz outfit led by frontman Jay Kay had disappeared to. Come to find out that they haven't disappeared at all and are in the midst of recording their seventh studio album and first since 2005, in addition to touring Europe this summer. That's great news--for Europeans and those who can just pick up and jaunt across the pond to attend concerts. Personally, I'm gonna need Jamiroquai to do their stateside fans (i.e., me!) a huge favor and perform somewhere--anywhere--that I can get to. Seeing Jay Kay and the crew in concert has been on my bucket list for years, and until I got it like that to fly abroad to see them or find a suitable sponsor who can make that happen, I'll impatiently wait. For our lucky European friends, check out the tour dates after the bounce.

Jamiroquai Summer 2010 European Tour Dates:

26-06-2010 - Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, London
02-07-2010 - Main Square Festival, Arras, France
11-07-2010 - Balaton Sound Festival, Balaton, Hungary
14-07-2010 - Moon & Stars Festival, Switzerland
16-07-2010 - Neapolis Festival, Naples
19-07-2010 - Caracassonne, France
21-07-2010 - Nimes Arena, Nimes
23-07-2010 - Paleo Festival, Switzerland
24-07-2010 - Nova Jazz Festival, Vienna, Austria
26-07-2010 - Sporting Club, Monte Carlo
27-07-2010 - Sporting Club, Monte Carlo

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3 Responses

  1. I feel your pain about wanting Jamiroquai to come to the states. I am not as patient as you are, I go overseas to see them. In 2008, I saw them in madrid and Ahaus, Germany. This summer I am going to Vienna to get my Jam-fix. But I feel ya...

  2. There are also a lot of fans in Argentina, including me 😀 I can't wait any longer... if I had the money I would go to Europe just to see them live!!

  3. Yes I have been wanting to see him in concert since Traveling without moving came out. He definitely needs to come stateside so I can get my "can pick it & put it down"