Janelle Monáe Takes Us Far, Far Away With Album Trailer

Anticipation for Janelle Monáe's upcoming release, The ArchAndroid, was already high after the "Tightrope" video dropped, but now that this intriguing album trailer has surfaced, it's a wrap. Janelle takes us on an aerial voyage to a dark land where we see a futuristic cityscape cut through menacing clouds with dramatic music playing in the background. As the camera makes its way around the unknown city we eventually see that it's not a real city at all but, instead, a headdress on Miss Monáe's head. How cool is that? If I didn't know better, I'd think this was a sci-fi movie trailer. Kudos to Janelle for continuing to keep it fresh.


8 Responses

  1. It's like Tim Burton with a touch of Steven Spielberg.

  2. This is fantastic! Really, couldn't be better.

  3. I on get it. I guess I'm from the ol' skool cuz the gimmickry gets old after like 5 seconds. My question is: does she have the music to back it up? I have yet to see anything from this woman that makes me see what all the hoopla is surrounding her.

  4. It's fab! I'm so waiting for her album to come out.

  5. Hey Bootsy ~ have you listened to the words in her songs, "many moons" or "sincerely, Jane"...? Then you'll understand what all the hoopla is about. She's deep. And there's also a story behind the 'props' or costumery she wears. Thats deep too.
    I Kinda love this woman. The sound is so lavish, so well-thought out. I always feel she sounds like a Disney movie character...but in the very, very best way possible. Yeah, the TIm Burton comparison is right on.
    Love. Her.

  6. cool concept but next time, you should post your review after the video so as to not ruin the surprise, lol.


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