J*Davey Goes Right ‘Outta The Window’ And Into The Desert

So, the caption for J*DaVeY's new video for "Outta the Window" reads: "Jack Davey & Brook D'Leau summon the psychedelic indian on a quest for self-discovery in a desert wasteland." This is simultaneously less bizarre and more confusing than the video itself, which suggests some of the wonders found on desolate stretches of the American Southwest: Heat stroke! Peyote! Abandoned trailer parks! Half dehydrated and half bored, they pose and contemplate around the destitute landscape to the rhythm of the song. Maybe. Somehow all of this and a belly-dancing, feather headdress-wearing "Indian" makes sense in relation to the song. Maybe. Watch and figure it out for yourself.

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4 Responses

  1. J*Davey is the shit. Nuff said

  2. I've stopped trying to understand J*Davey videos a while ago. Song is still dope.

  3. I dont know if I'm ready yet...

  4. I dont know if I'm ready yet...


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