Maxwell Is A ‘Fistful’ Of Classic Soul

Maxwell dons the look of classic soul well. Throw in the vintage feel of the black and white footage, his band in the shadows and a heavy helping of emoting and you have Maxwell in his new video for the single "Fistful of Tears," which he will, incidentally, be performing next week on ABC's Dancing With the Stars as I reported earlier this week. This video is everything we want to see--Maxwell looking handsome while in soulful angst. Now close your eyes and envision yourself in the video standing in front of him on stage as he serenades you. The bare minimalism of this video makes that so easy as you count down the days to the live version of this song on "Stars" next week. Let's hope that by that time Maxwell has been resting that voice so we get the full benefit of his suaveness and won't be preferring this video over the real thing.

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2 Responses

  1. My favorite song!!!!

  2. Nice. This is what I like from Maxwell, straightforward performance. Seeing him at that mic reminds me of how fly he was groovin at the mic in the ascension video.


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