Quincy Jones & Akon’s ‘Strawberry’ Teaser Is Less Than Sweet

I contemplated whether to even post this video teaser after most of those commenting were as repulsed by the notion of Akon getting Quincy Jones' blessing to remake Shuggie Otis' and then the Brothers Johnson's "Strawberry Letter" as I was. But some of you weren't as repulsed including fellow editor Moon. And that's cool. I'm not going to say much about this one. No need in beating a dead horse. I will, however also post what Quincy's genius also yielded indirectly when Tevin Campbell put his pubescent New Jack stamp on it. Let loose in the comments after you get your fill.

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2 Responses

  1. This song is horrific and QJ needs to be institutionalized before he remakes Luther's a house is a home featuring T-pain.............

  2. Akon's version is OK at best. Not memorable. Tevin's version is an example of all these bad remakes that happened in that period. These of course, have nothing on the originals.


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