Quincy Jones’ ‘Garden’ Is Overgrown With Weeds

You guys are so smart. Despite my initial thought that Quincy Jones' "Secret Garden" 2010 remake produced by Jermaine Dupri sounded more like "My Boo," it in fact sounds much more like "Shorty Swing My Way." And you know what? It is absolutely unchanged from when we first posted this clip of it two months ago. Get ready for Usher, Barry White, Robin ThickeTevin Campbell, essentially most of the original song--including El Debarge on the chorus--and alot of 808s underwhelming you because it's not 1998 anymore. I hate to admit that I was actually expecting Auto-Tune. You see that photo of Quincy holding his head? That's how we feel except we're not smiling. Get ready for what you likely never ever wanted after you press play.

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19 Responses

  1. i am old enough to remember the original. i listened with an open mind and i like it. i am glad to hear tevin campbell's voice.

  2. Your commentary was HILARIOUS....As soon as the "beat" dropped I was rolling!! That's exactly what this mess sounds like. Why Qunicy? Why?

  3. Secret Garden aka My Boo 2010.

  4. Once the "Jersey Shore fist pumping" beat dropped I had to hit pause. It sounds ATROCIOUS! I'll try 2 be open minded and give it another listen.

  5. Ummm. Loved your opinion. Loved the song too. I thought Usher was flat in a few key parts of the song , but I found it fun arrangement. I'd dance to it at a party but will probably buy the original (which had the Saxaphone solo version on a dub) if I wanted the song.

  6. For those of you who like this mess, God bless you. To each his/her own. But as Quincy Jones' outstanding musical legacy is one of the main reasons I sing professionally, I cannot co-sign any part of this song. Especially compared to the original. Just...ugh!

  7. it's so horrible. What was he thinking?

  8. You sure thats Tevin? I heard it was Trey Songz. Tevin's voice is unmistakeable... If it is, I stand corrected but I dont hear Tevin. I actually like this spin on it. Nothing touches the original, but this aint bad.

  9. the original secret garden is exquisite
    i heard the JD cover first and was like, oh, this is okay.
    Until i heard the original and my knees melted and i shat blood in anger at the remake

  10. Why? Please tell me why? My 7 year old walked by and said what is that and why is your face all scrunched up? (sigh) They all know better.

  11. that beat is horrible o_0

  12. That beat is horrible...did they add in the original ad-libs or did the artist's "mock" the ad-libs in the studio? 0_O
    Is that creativity?
    Answer: no
    To Q: fail

  13. I am old enough to remember how exciting the original version was. It is one of the most romantic songs ever recorded. I listened to this one with an open mind. To my surprise I enjoyed it. I definitely will download it and I am glad to hear Tevin Campbell.

  14. Interestingly, from a vocal POV - this is not terrible. But the track is unnecessary. Usher sounds particularly flawless and of course he completely dominates the song.

  15. wow , they tried and failed, this should have been a beside maxie single remix, they could have put new people on the song and maybe just added a deep basline to it; they should have kept it sensual. they trying to put it in the club and its not working. they need to rethink this before they release it. its not working at all

  16. If I could vomit from my ears I would..........................hold up I just did! somebody calls ripleys believe it or not......................

  17. It reminds me something that was produced by Jermaine Dupree for that So So Def All Stars.

  18. "2010"??? The beat sounds like it's from the 1990's. Anyway, this would have been a more affective remake had it a more current beat. And, yes, they used the original "ad-libs" (there's no mistaking James Ingram's voice). Love Usher on this, though.

  19. They truly butchered this song.