Sam Sparro & DMC Come ‘Corrected’

Sam Sparro hasn't exactly been absent from the music scene. He's been producing tracks for other artists such as Adam Lambert and remixing here and there, but all of his bedazzling other tracks with his energetic and frenetic sound has made me yearn for the real thing. "Corrected" features DMC rhyming and he sounds a bit like LL Cool J in spots, but I could be hallucinating from all the sparkle dust that shot out of my computer screen after I played this track. Sam comes correct on the hook and is honestly the best part of this song in my opinion. Produced by Mason, this seems perfect for anything involving jumping, running or quick spurts of physical activity. Get you glow sticks ready and press play. [H/T: AAD]

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2 Responses

  1. Not feeling this track. I admit...I only love Sam's "Black & Gold"...the ONLY good thing to come out of that awful Obsessed movie!

  2. Beg to differ, this track is fire! I'm a house head, so perhaps that makes me biased but that thick chunky synth loop is what's up. DMC's rhyme reminds me of that Jason Nevins remix of It's Like That a few years back. Sam is sooooo slept on.
    Wonder if DMC's voice got some help due to his vocal chord condition?


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