Suff Daddy’s ‘Gin Diaries’ Appeal To Teetotalers Too

Suff Daddy's ode to the Tanqueray with Miles Bonny on the help out, "5 O'Clock," was a nice introduction to his latest release. Gin Diaries is a series of 13 track snapshots, if you will, of the producer's life. Sure, there's lots of talk of imbibing and indulging, but there's also lots of musing about life and love and everything in between. For the second time today--I'm sure I appear like a stalker by now---the prolific Mar laces Suff Daddy's "Deep Shit." I'm also loving Fleur Earth Noir's take on the Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes-inflected "Oh Bébé." This is definitely good music to get you into a mood to chill all the way out and, if you're so inclined, invent some tasty drinks of your own. 

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