YahZarah’s ‘Ballad Of Purple St. James’ Sampler Is Short But Oh So Sweet

It's not easy being the only female in a crew full of dudes, but as the first lady of The Foreign Exchange, YahZarah more than holds her own while holding it down. She is the perfect combination of sugar and spice and everything nice. If you're as hungry as I am for her next solo record and her first under the FE umbrella to drop, then here's an appetizer of The Ballad of Purple St. James to hold you over until the main course gets released on May 4th. If you thought that she was bringing the heat after you heard the first single, "Why Dontcha Call Me No More," then you thought right. The sampler features snippets of six more songs--from sultry ballads to hip-swiveling, hand-clapping jams. After hearing these brief songs, I want this album like yesterday. Listen and download the sampler below at your own risk, because it will have you fiending for more YahZarah like your name was Pookie.

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4 Responses

  1. Real Talk, i'm scoop this joint up when it drops......not only is this sista talented but she looks like Ill Mami a little, so you KNOW I gots too go to the wallet when this drops:-)

  2. Yahz is going to deliver the goods on this joint. The sampler got me wanting the full course meal like right now!

  3. I'm already IN LOVE with the album on the strength of the sampler. "Starship" is the deal-sealer for me. I've been waiting for that song to be released on an album for YEARS. YEARS, I tell you.

  4. "Starship" is a gem. Yahzarah put her stamp all over it. It was prodcued by Steve Mckie. The dude is a special secret in this game.


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