Beatchild + Ebrahim + Tingsek Fight The Good Fight On The ‘War Within’

What happens when three singers/songwriters get in the studio and one of the three is amongst the hottest underground producers we've seen in a minute? Well, if you're SoulBounce fave Slakah the Beatchild and his friends Ebrahim and Tingsek, you press record and make some magic happen on those mics, which is precisely what went down when they recently recorded "War Within." The Beatchild comes through once again with a dope track while all three trade vocals and try to encourage a young lady to stop fighting her feelings. The talented trio is currently on a mini-tour of Canada, Slakah and Ebrahim's homeland, and if you're up north do yourself the favor and check them out. For the rest of us, we'll just groove along to these smooth musical vibes and add the free limited time download to our iPods while we have the chance.

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4 Responses

  1. Hot cut where can I download it at ??

  2. Very nice vibes on this track. This will be added to my cookout playlist immediately. Download link under the play button btw.

  3. Dope.....I just checked out That dude Tingsek too. He's nice wit it.

  4. three of my favourite people musically right now!
    amazing does not even begin to describe this song and their talents....


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