Bounce-Worthy: Tarica June

Hey, ladies. It's really nothing personal. I do have my favorite female emcees, but the majority of these hip hop mamas are older than me, much respect due. At this rate, Lauryn Hill will seem more like a myth or an elusive unicorn by the time my son discovers her. That being said, I am highly skeptical about femcees only because they have really been letting me down lately. In many ways, they can be like the crush you know could be the one until he starts eating his food with his fingers. Tarica June, young, fresh and talented DC sista that you are, you have a fan in me. After listening to your Moonlight Revolution (The Mixtape), I can't narrow down my favorites because the whole thing is dope. We're going to be keeping an eye on you, ma, so long as you keep churning out songs such as these. Deal?

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5 Responses

  1. The first song is wack and the second is only listenable because of the Black Milk produced Reunion beat. I'm totally not impressed.

  2. We like her so much she is kicking off our 5th Annual Festival next month.
    K.D.-Talent Coordinator for CASRAM

  3. Justiceborn7 is right. Sorry.

  4. Thank you so much for putting me on to this!! I downloaded it and sincve then its all I've been listening to. This is the female perspective I've been missing. I actually burned a copy for my neice because I think Tarica June is a really good role model since she's talking about self respect. I'm actually surprised to see negative comments but everything aint for everybody I guess. I'm thinking none of these people listened to the cd though cause its really good. Thanks again!