J. Holiday’s Sister Quineice Thinks She’s ‘Beautiful’ And You May, Too

It's usually tough for an artist to get shine if they already have a famous relative who folks know and love. However, that may not be the case of petite powerhouse Quineice, sister to singer J. Holiday, who drops her first album this fall. While I'm a fair-weather J. Holiday fan, becoming a lover of his hit "Bed," I think there is no question that folks are destined to not only fall in love with his sis, but possibly count her voice amongst their favorites. It's distinct. Plus, I think she may attract an audience that sometimes MTV and BET forget about. We'll see. With vocal skills that are surprisingly strong and rich in sharp contrast to her demure presentation, Quineice is a singer who puts her foot all up in it. Word has it that she may be doing a Solange Knowles-- writing some new music for her brother who recently signed to Island Def Jam earlier this year and appearing on his new CD. That will be definitely be a great move. With her heavily soulful pipes and uplifting lyrics, she's sure to contribute an element to her brother's music that soul purveyors dig on. Check out this new tune, "Beautiful, Too," that will be released on her soon-to-be-titled debut album later this year and tell us what you think.


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3 Responses

  1. This is one of them lazy sunday after church swinging on the porch joints.................Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Very very nice sound! Almost has a Carmen Rodgers feel to it! You will not hear this on MTV or BET because this is good music! Lol!

  3. She used to sing for Salt and Pepa back in the day when they had an all girl band that was from DC. We love Quin!


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