Leela James Shares Her ‘Soul’

Big-voiced Leela James takes the new jacks of today back to the sound that our elders were dancing to in the '60s and '70s on her new album, My Soul. She wasn't playing when she named this album. When she is talking about soul, she has to be talking about the soul music that we refer to when we talk about Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway and all the big soul legends we love and remember. For the music on this CD pays homage to that sound ten times over and definitely does it proud.

Leela James: "Let It Roll"


The song "Let It Roll" personifies this sentiment while "Tell Me You Love Me"
instantly takes us to the old school, loving the trip as we dance back.
It's clear that Leela has found her niche and it works for her
effortlessly. The duet with Raheem DeVaughn "Mr. Incredible, Ms. Unforgettable" got the SoulBounce green light earlier this month and is a testament to the confidence Leela brings to this new project.

You find a lot on My Soul.
When she sticks to the old school element, it works. On tracks like "So
Cold" that tip into the style you'd be more apt to find on an Alicia Keys album,
it doesn't work so well. But, that's just a rarity. Most of the tracks
accentuate the positive that is Leela James' voice. "Supa Lova" is an
exception, however. It's sexy breathlessness works with a modern beat
and alluring chorus.

Leela James: "Supa Luva"

Add My Soul to your list of
must-owns for 2010. Leela James is not playing when it comes to
bringing us some music that is worth our money. Note to Leela:
Please advise your peers to do what you have managed to do this time
around with stellar results--find a sound that works for your voice and
play it to the hilt.

Leela James My Soul [Amazon][iTunes]

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  1. so cold is a hot track why you tryna throw shade...

  2. Leela James is playing at Gramercy Theatre in NYC on 8/4. Tickets are available at Hope to see you there!


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