Morning Soul: No Promises, No Demands

  • Congratulations to Big Daddy Kane and his bride Shawnette who were wed over the weekend. [SC]
  • Alice Tan Ridley a/k/a Gabourey Sidibe's mom blew the subway doors off of this Gladys Knight classic. [YT]
  • According to this Hip Hop Word Counting tool, Rakim holds a university degree compared to 50 Cent's junior high reading level. Ouch. [BW]
  • Whitney really is a sight to behold, Bobbi Kristina, even when she doesn't sound as well as we remember. [BCK]

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3 Responses

  1. Pat Benatar was the shit back in the early 80's...............As for 50's junior high reading level, his math skills must at a doctorates level because bad reading ability or not he knows how to stack his millions. Just goes to show you sometime we place to much value on the degrees that hang on wall instead of common sense. Hell i'd sell my masters for a quarter of what 50 has earned:-)

  2. OMG!!!!!
    My sister has on 45"!!!!!!
    She was in kindergarten and wanted to dance like Pat Benatar


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