Relive The AudioTRIP

AudioTRIP's maiden voyage in Washington, DC on Tuesday, May 18th was a smashing success. But all true DC tastemakers who were in attendance already know this. That night we were treated to a non-stop soundtrack from some of the best turntable maestros on the planet, rousing live performances, and, oh, I can't forget the free libations provided by Smirnoff. The brainchild of Kat from Lil SoSo Productions, AudioTRIP gathered DJ's near and far--DJ Spinna, Daz-I-Kue, Waajeed, Rich Medina, DJ 2-Tone Jones, DJ Roddy Rod and the Soul Controllers--who made it a point to move the crowd. If you missed the flight, then don't despair. You can see what you missed in the video below and get your mind right and ready for AudioTRIP's return, which a little birdie told me may occur some time this fall. I already got my dancing shoes and passport to fun ready.

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2 Responses

  1. This is DOPE! Luv the music, the DJz and the people! My only gripe is realizing that although music is one area the Afrikan Diaspora hasn't forgotten (as clearly evident in the beats and the dancerz), I wish we could simultaneously move beyond the promotion of white-owned brandz with Diasporic celebration. Clearly these legendary DJz are the true brand!
    This kind of music channelz the Afrikan spirit NOT the intoxicating liquid "spirits" alcohol bringz. And if there must be some kind of corporate branding behind an event, it is well past time they are promoted by Afrikan-created, owned and operated products!
    (translation: the God/Goddess in me seez and acknowledges the God/Goddess in you)

  2. I had an amazing time at AudioTRIP and look forward to another flight. I was beside myself w/ joy to see myself in this beautifully produced video. Everything about the vid depicts the great fun had that night!