‘Why Don’t You’ Go Take A Break Now, Beyoncé?

Far be it for me to say that Beyoncé put the ho in housewife in her video for the song "Why Don't You Love Me," but could she look any skankier in the role of B.B. Homemaker? I'm sure that sexy was what she was going for in the retro-themed clip, but she aint got nothing on Sade, who epitomized the sexy housewife in her "Babyfather" video that also dropped this week and was more class than about her showing her ass. Bey, prancing around in wigs, bustiers and stockings and smoking like an overheated car engine, comes across more desperate than desperate housewife. The Solange-penned track isn't bad, but what happened to this break that Beyoncé was supposed to be taking? Word on the street is that she may have already started recording her next album. News like that makes me want to shout "You lie!" Joe Wilson style.

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  1. Drank to much GaGa Kool Aid I bet.
    Is she afraid that she's gonna pass away at 30 or something. She needs to stop before she really "Jumps The Shark".

  2. I had to stop at 1:23. She got body but her non-singing ass just doesn't do anything for me or my imagination.
    The one bad thing that will come from the video is the Youtube gays reinterpretations & you know there will be many!

  3. Maybe, just maybe, Solange shoulda kept and sang the song herself. I agree that Beyonce needs to take a break and rediscover herself as an artist. In my opinion, she's been lackluster as of late, simply meshing with what and whomever is hot in the moment. This vid is mess, sorry B.

  4. I agree with this post completely. Beyonce should really take a break and re-discover her real self as an artist. I got the feeling that as of late she is doing vids/songs just to have something to keep her in the charts and to sell records. And she should use her good voice for better songs. It's just me though.

  5. Beyonce is getting worse by the minute. This is not the way to become a legend or to be remembered for having remarkable work. I'm kind of embarassed for her. She definitely looks desperate. Beyonce, please take some time off to rediscover your God-given talent. There is no need for you to rip off Gaga.

  6. I've said this once before someplace else, she is trying to keep up with the youngsters and she can't, i likes her first cd because it was soulful. its funny, but her last cd was so pop that it was garbage. the problem with music with some people, they feel they have to change to become accepted,when they forget, people like you first when you made well written songs that showed off you voice and not your body. that body is nice but one day it will sag and not be there, so make the voice stand out, ie patti labelle, gladys knight, anita baker, just to name a few. they still can sing greatly and its not about the body, but the body of work that stays true to their craft and thewir genre .

  7. I don't get how the lyrics talk about how intelligent and worthy to be loved she is, but the look of the video is nothing but her being scantily clad and gyrating. Looks extremely desperate. It appears that Beyonce has long since peaked and is now on the decline. I agree that she should take a serious hiatus and come back with stronger music as the result of some life experiences (like Maxwell did). She might be burning out right now and she's too young (and talented) for that.

  8. I actually liked the video. To my eyes, she was bringing attention to the expectations society places on women: be sexy, be domestic, be submissive. In the video shes doing all of these things with an air of desperation because they are not bringing her the happy ending they are supposed to be. I think alot of single women can relate to that. And its ironic because even as Beyonce succeeds as an artists,society is telling her to sit down and have Jay-Zs babies, stop recording, slow down. Youd never hear these things being demanded of a man.
    And her outfits in this video are not skanky. I think they are sexy, and stylish actually. I loved the retro nod. If yall want skanky, please refer to every other video on BET right now. This aint that.

  9. I'm no Bey Stan but I thought the video was current, editorial, retro stylish and sexy for her fans. Maybe she is trying to get preggo and wanted to showcase her goods in video first? At any rate, the vocals, music and lyrics of the song were really good.

  10. I'm no Bey Stan but I thought the video was current, editorial, retro stylish and sexy for her fans. Maybe she is trying to get preggo and wanted to showcase her goods in video first? At any rate, the vocals, music and lyrics of the song were really good.

  11. Avatar

    I thought is was HAUTE and very modern retro, it was very arthouse..l LOVED it, the song, its message and the imagery..Amina, yes very Bettie Paige and Z ITA

  12. Yah, I'm with the others here that dug the video for what it is: intentionally campy, definitely referential (TOTALLY Bettie Page both in look and mannerisms), and thank god she's not "acting" like in the Gaga vid. Eh, it's a low budget vid to what would be a "b-side" back in the day. It's fun.
    I prefer this to something that's got a lot of sound and fury and signifies even less, like Christina A.'s new video. That's a LOT of work for a whole lot of nothing (but a Madonna tribute at most).

  13. I didn't mind the video.. in fact, it is a good comeback after the atrocities that were "Telephone" and "Video phone". Btw, I really like Solange. She is quite a songwriter and I love that she moves to the beat of her own drum. Beyonce is the better singer and performer but lacks her little sister's spunk and originality.

  14. Some of ya'll need to stop sipping the Haterade... Bey's still #1, shuts them down on all levels - singing, dancing, live performance - no one else comes close... (I dig Rihanna, but she's lightyears behind Bey) I don't usually endorse "Pop" Artist - would always prefer to see Amel live over Bey, but hey... just speaking the truth and sometimes truth hurts 😉 just saying.... This video is just an extension of creativity - you'll ALWAYS be able to compare something w/something else if you're looking to, theirs similarities in everything... Take it for what it is - just a bangin' video and a little TNA, never hurt - she still got one of the flyest shapes, so she's just flaunting it now 'cause she knows she's not gonna have it forever (look at Tina - she's beginnng to look more and more like Tina as the years go by) Fly Video - Stop the Hate Campaign!

  15. The video was over the top sexually, but then again, I don't really watch many videos these days, so I don't know what the standard is in 2010. I did find the 50s campiness funny.
    It also seemed like an acting vehicle for B. Some of it a rehash of her role as Etta James in Cadillac Records, but overall an interesting (in a good way) video, IMO.
    I liked the song a lot. Easily better than most of I Am/Sasha Fierce. Solange really injects some life/personality into Beyonce the artist. Beyonce's songs that she writes, I think are pretty safe/bland (like I Am/Sahsa Fierce). Hope she'll work with little sis more. Maybe I'll buy an album! ; )

  16. I'm not a Bey fan, but I don't get the Beyonce hate sometimes. She can be too sexual in the videos and live and the her lyrics at times leave something to be desired, but it doesn't justify the level of hate she gets.
    It seems like you can "sang" if people think you have soul or your are being "artistic" if the beholder likes you. Wonder if Bey would called artistic if she got naked at Dealey plaza or be called an attention whore. Guess it depends if we feel she's artistic enough. Guess groupthink works both ways.

  17. STOP THE HATE> Beyonce is doing what she loves and I will always appreciate that!

  18. why does the word "hate" come up so often when ppl have legitimate opinions re: beyonce? it becomes a bit annoying. perhaps we can just all agree that the standard of excellence has lowered over the last 15 years... beyonce is the greatest at mediocrity. great, now we all agree! :))

  19. I don't think it is "hate" with Beyonce. I think it is over-saturation. She has reached the point of overkill. At this point it is all becoming one big blur. I respect her work ethic. But artistically her act is getting old.

  20. wow Soulbounce.. this hurt my feelings. now.. im a huge Beyonce fan, like really. and i support this site and soul music and i DID think that this was the ONE site that i could probably come to and my girl not be Targeted.. you guys failed me big time, to just not realize this womans artistic eye. idk how i feel about even comin back to this site if this is what we do now.. huge let down.. chick is harmless.. and dear i use the already Overrated and Overused word.. you guys sound like HATERS..smh

  21. there is no hate here, only an immense love of music and musicianship and artistry. i actually loved the Destiny Fulfilled album - "is she the reason" is my joint.
    and, i love mariah carey, but i'm not in denial of how she is portrayed - and the responsibility she bears in that portrayal. beyonce is no different. and, i'm not about to put her in the same category with the whitney's, etc. (during her height, at least)... it's just unfair bc they're not in the same league. she's in a different category - with a different kind of 'talent' pool.
    and, i don't know the last time folks have watched her videos or live performances, but either i'm blind or she's ALWAYS gyrating (video phone, telephone, ego, suga mama, kitty kat, and on and on). beyonce has made a conscious choice to promote whatever it is she's promoting... looks like selling sex to me. if folks are going to criticize mariah and ciara and all the others, then i really, really don't understand how anyone can remove beyonce from that conversation. that's not hate, that's just keeping it honest. sometimes, the truth hurts, but it helps us to grow... it's time for beyonce to step away and reflect and make sure she's leaving behind an image she's going to be happy with 20 years down the line...


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