Corinne Bailey Rae Finally Comes ‘Closer’


I love this song. In fact, the more I hear Corinne Bailey Rae's "Closer" the more I want to tell a particular someone just how bad I've been so they can tell me to come "closer" to be properly punished rewarded. Perhaps that was too much to divulge. I'm sure for some of you, Corinne can't divulge enough. Unluckily for you, she keeps things classy, cute and always sexily subdued in this clip. Try to imagine an even more coy disco-era Donna Summer with the body and voice of a lithe nymph. That comes "close" to what this video is like but you'll have to judge for yourself after you press play.

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4 Responses

  1. Sexy much? Not a great concept but Corinne is simply stunning. I think I could drink her bathwater.

  2. Agreed, but I wish more urban contemporary artists would follow suite and settle into a laid back groove like this without going too "ooh baby I wanna sex you up" over the top. Let the groove be the sexy part, and leave some class in there, ya know? Nice one Corinne....

  3. illmami, I love this song like YOU love this song! I had never been into Corinne until my friend gave me this album......& when I heard THIS song, I was done for. And as far as the video, I really like that part with the rollerskates.

  4. @ langston
    pass me a jar of that bathwater on ice...
    CBR..classy & this album and oh so happy she made a video for this. HOT!


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