Duck Down For Cee-Lo’s ‘Stray Bullets’

Fresh from "Georgia," Cee-Lo continues to bring much needed soul and funk into our lives with the new mixtape Stray Bullets. Produced mostly by The Grey Area, this is more of an album than a mixtape, and it's also more represents every musical genre that he's tapped into during his career, whether he's rhyming with Goodie Mob or crooning with Danger Mouse. Listening to this makes me consider just how much of a musical treasure he is. And much like unearthing once lost golden coins, this mixtape is a freeload just for you. Take a listen to these tracks to convince yourself a little further and then click through to get some great free music. 

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5 Responses

  1. I cannot stop listening to this mixtape! It's so damn good I wanna cry, compared to most of the other stuff out there. Cee-Lo is plain ole gifted! No other way to describe him.

  2. Im totally loving this.
    Cho Cha the Cate, Ill Kill Her & Little Black Book are hitting hard for me.

  3. omg "Campaign" uses the same beat on an old school Esthero interlude....I always wanted a full track of that oooh I love it

  4. OH, ME. OH MY.. This Cee-Lo mixtape is the SHYT! I'll kill her, I Like It, Sophisticated Bitch.. . I was going to say those were my favorites but.. I really love the whole mixtape.. Thank you thank you.. thank you..

  5. Ain't nothing like good free ish. I love this!!!!! THANK YOU! Hope he come out with a album. I will def be copping that.


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