Hal Linton Got That ‘Mind Control’

Rihanna and Shontelle aren't the only singers from Barbados doing big tings in the US. Their Bajan brethren Hal Linton has been on our radar for a while, and it looks as if he's finally poised to release his debut album later this year. He's bringing a much-needed dose of soul that is largely absent from the music of his aforementioned peers. I've seen him perform at a handful of showcases, and Linton definitely has the personality and the pipes to break down a few doors. He'll get to flex his talents to a wider audience this summer on the road with the revival of the Budweiser Superfest (or as I called it, the Grown Ass Man Tour) alongside Anthony Hamilton, Kem, Raheem DeVaughn and Jaheim. Needless to say, in order to hang on the same stage as those cats, Hal is no slouch, and here's his new video to prove it. "Mind Control" is a nice slice of R&B, and the video is a sexy affair set on a sandy beach with two young ladies vying for his attention. This is a satisfying glance at what Hal Linton has to offer.

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  1. now this shits hot. I better see a gang of comments on this song. I song by a dude, who sounds like a dude, how novel.


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