Jean Grae Considers Being A Woman An Advantage

Liking Jean Grae is pretty easy. She's always been uncompromising, witty and comfortable in her game. This interview is great because even after the interviewer talks to her about Nicki Minaj and she responds that she has no beef with her and appreciates that there is more than one woman rapping, they ask what she thinks about Nicki v. Lil Kim. And Jean couldn't care less. She encourages the two to "rap it off" and thinks that if they hot oil wrestled it would be entertaining for everybody. Well, it would be a moment. Also: Are people really checking for a "Ladies Night" part two? Really? [H/T: PBB]

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  1. An intelligent grown woman who raps and converses with sense.
    She'll never be a star.

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    Top 5 MCs? Is this chick on drugs? And WFT is this "Invincible" she keeps talking about? There's a reason Jean Grae is never going to be on anybody's Top 5 list. Let me break it down for you.
    First of all, based upon this video, it's clear that she's obsessed with The Lady of Rage. Sure, Rage was nice-- on the ONE song she ever put out! Get a new role model, Jean! Have you never listened to REAL old school female rappers, like MC Lyte, Harmony, Miss Melody, and Latifah? Yeah, she mentioned some of them, but she is really hung up on The Lady of Rage. She didn't even mention Lauryn Hill, for Christ's sake!
    That brings me to my second point. Jean Grae is not that nice on the mic, to be quite honest. Her songs are pretty much always forgettable. Ask 10 people you know to name a Jean Grae song, and I bet 9 of them will say "WTF is a Jean Grae?" And look who she's affiliated with-- Blacksmith Music? Talib Kweli is a formidable competitor when it comes to lyrical dominance, but let's be honest-- dude is washed up. If she even wants to have a fighting chance at success in the music industry, she's got to get up from under his yesteryear mystique.
    That brings me to my final point-- the chick is too old to be doing this! That's why she hangs around Kweli-- they are of the same age group. I mean, damn they are too old to be rapping, trying to think of something profound to say each time out. It's a losing battle, when you feel silly rapping about what the young boys rap about, but you expect them to buy your music. The reason so many people like Nicki Minaj is because she's youthful and witty-- not old and wise. The fact is, Jean Grae missed her chance about 15 years ago, when she didn't look like Usher dressed in drag. I'm so tired of people interviewing her and giving her a platform to prolong this ridiculous dream of hers. "You ain't never gonna pop, Ma! Pick up the phone, call Everest, and get your life together!

  3. Nonsensical essays on why Jean Grae is a so called wack ass MC. Okay if you say
    Obviously you dont LISTEN (in every sense of the word) to Jean. Her style and wordplay is something that you either get or dont. And why in the hell does her age matter? I give her props she's been doin this since the 90s (What? What?) and aint stopped since. Shit everytime she comes out with an album she only upgrades...something that ever artist of any medium should respect & love.
    Any ways they should have asked her about her album. she needs to be added to my list of '010 classics!

  4. @ Just Being Honest:
    Invincible is a dope ass (female) emcee from Detroit. She eats lesser emcees for breakfast. We featured her here. Her Twitter is here.

  5. @at just being honest, so you base your judgement of jean grae based on this one interview?o_O., personally , you dont have to agree i would put jean grae on top 5 because she talks about substance. your rant suggest to me that have not actively listened to her music. and just becasue she is not mainstream does not mean, she is not a great rapper it almots seems oxymoronic for you to even suggest that based on you visiting this site. you also speak of her being too old to rap, but i do see people calling for snoop dogg or jay.z to retire. though its debatable, rap maybe a young persons game, but hip hop is not. one more thing, why do yo assume that she is not aware of the fmale mc' that you name? just like you have your prefernces, she has hers too, and they do not have to correlate with yours.its called an opinion.

  6. @just being honest baby, are YOU on drugs? jus askin.

  7. Jean wack???? WTF is just honest smoking?? 🙂 Real talk As a MC, Jean is mad nice, probably one of the top 3 sista's skill wise. However having skills and selling albums or making good music are not the same thing. In a cypher, which is really the only true way to judge a MC, Nicki gets murdered by Jean. That makes Jean a better MC then Nicki, however when you put Jean and Nicki inside the machine which is the music business, Nicki is gonna outsell Jean by a 5 to 1 margin. That means Nikki is a better commodity. In closing as of right now Invincible is the dopest female alive. She is as talented lyrical as L-boogie in her prime. Jean Grae will always have a spot in my top 5 female MC, because she is plain and simple a dope ass MC. Instead of all this bullshit beef, we nned a forum where two mc's get in a ring and spit lyrics, no more going to papers and attacking people via twitter, if you got beef take it to the stage and handle it like they use to when rap started. I can imagine some wack MC like Gucci mane in a cypher with black thought, common and Phonte. Then and only then will people see how truly wack Gucci, waka flaka (what the fuck is a wack flaka) or lil weezy are...........................................


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