Kelly Rowland Breaks Out As A ‘Commander’

Bless Kelly Rowland's heart. She steps out of Beyoncé's shadow only to stand in Rihanna's. Because I can't help but think that this "Commander" song, which is Rowland's first single from her upcoming solo project, is something that the latter would have tried to sing (although she can't really). Especially after seeing the video which looks like a mash up of both RiRi's and Bey's styles--from the outfits to the phonytail she rocks. Although I'm not a fan this type of music nor the David Guetta production, KRo does sound good here and maybe she's found her niche since that R&B thing wasn't exactly working out. As far as the video is concerned, it finds her strutting her stuff on an elevated runway while people around her dance in reckless abandon. Clad in all black and looking like a superhero, the next thing you know we see another Kelly appear in all red to challenge her. I was expecting a dance dance revolution battle when the two Kelly's and their crews meet on the runway, but it didn't happen. The end of the video shows Rowland crashing through a glass wall, which I took as a metaphor for her breaking out into her own. For her sake, I hope it happens.

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  1. Don't y'all hear the phone ringing, or do you have it on vibrate? Janet Jackson is calling asking for her "Feedback" video and choreography back.

  2. @Um really: YES! That's it! I knew I had a feeling of deja vu but Janet's video didn't come immediately to mind. Good call. *takes phone off vibrate*

  3. Poor Kelly. She will always be compared to Bey. I hope she can find her voice before it's too late.

  4. Wow, I REALLY want to like Kelly as a solo artist, but she makes it REALLY hard. The song actually isn't bad. The video, however, is. Not only are the concepts hand-me-downs from Bey and Janet, but it looks like they didn't have enough budget to pull it off. Just looks cheesy.

  5. Kelly has long made it clear that she's very inspired by Janet, so I don't hold this video's visual similarities to Feedback, which was a great video by the way, against it. However, there was something about it that just doesn't quite excite me, though I really want to love it. It's good enough though, I think, for this record, which I predict will be huge globally, except for here stateside. It's a shame really.

  6. Feedback is by far Janet's WORST video. That being said Id take this over Feedback any day plus the song is hot

  7. I see no Joy.
    It's the same thing I thought about Janets last 3 or 4 videos.
    Andfor some reason this rush to this euro-techno trend is short sighted. Techno isfor remixes unless the song has some (dare I say) funk/funkiness in it. But I know how many techno rave fans are out there. But I would think that the difference between a good track and a great one is it's ability to exist outside the club.

  8. Kelly Is great and she makes great music which the REST of the world has discovered. People in US are so closed minded when it comes to music.. People want make her like you know who.. but she is who she is...

  9. @babybruh I have never heard such a ridiculous opinion in my life!LOL Feedback was artsy and original, with an intentional campiness and energy that made it a joy to watch from beginning to end. Now we're all entitled to our opinions and I don't assume because I'm a widely published music critic, that my view has more credibility...However, to say that you'd take Kelly's video over Jan's anyday, is simply "a touch crazy.

  10. @ Langston- good for you. My opinion remains UNCHANGED..Feedback vid =CRAP. So run and publish that.
    That's all.

  11. Good Lord ... I am convinced people are gonna down this chick no matter what she does. Beyonce has spent her entire career biting people and rarely does anybody say anything about that. So what if it looks like Feedback (which I liked) I'm just glad KR is doing her thing. If I were her I'd pack my bags, move to the UK and never do a damn thing here again. I say go where you are appreciated. And for the record, there is more to black music than Beyonce's lion's mane and RiRi's bigass forehead. Everybody can shine. Damn.


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