Marsha Ambrosius Doesn’t ‘Cheat’ Her Feelings

I've been there Marsha Ambrosius. Short of actually having a voodoo doll made in a particular guy's likeness--which I actually seriously contemplated--I have most certainly wished that the same person who wronged me got wronged in return. But I don't do spite very well, nor does it sit well with my karmic point balance. "Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)" certainly doesn't mince words as is evident from the title of the track. I'm not going to think about whether listening to this song affects my karma. I'm just going to take it as proof that Ms. Ambrosius is working steadily on her album Late Nights, Early Mornings due sometime this year. 

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8 Responses

  1. this sista has too much talent not to blow up......................

  2. Love her, but this is awful.

  3. Dude, where is the Marsha from Floetry? The soulful songstress who toe' up "Ebony Eyes" that even Smokey couldn't believe it? i lost all hope in her once she came out with some dumbass "neosoul is dead" stickin up her middle finger on the cover. *roll eyes* Seriously, if you want to venture out and do other things with ur music, that's fine, but don't act like there's sth bad with the music genre you were known for. Stop the madness. Anyways, back to this song...
    ...well needless to say, i'm not feelin it since this type of production (& topic) isn't my steez, but i know that's what she's going for since she's tryna really sell her production game. *sigh* At least the ending (after the last chorus) was nice with the live instruments, but the rest sounded like sth a 14-yr old could get with. And i sho aint 14.

  4. i hate comin at my girl like that, but seriously....she can do better IMO. And the thing is, i know this track is gonna blow up, just aint my steez. Blu said it best
    "its hard to pick & choose right from wrong
    like if you rap about freedom, nobody likes ur song
    but do a track about... cheatin, b*tches will play it all night long
    see i dont get it why the righteous fall"
    lol....not saying you can't be versatile with your subject matter, just stating the #1 topic that seems to sell well. *shrugs*

  5. the topic--not something i condone but regardless...she can BLOW!!!! waiting for this album to drop!

  6. This track goes hard! People just want Marsha to make the same songs/album she made with Floetry. Just like the fans want Nas to make Illmatic ain't happening.