Morning Soul: I’m Looking For A New Love, Baby

3 Responses

  1. Classic. André Simone borrowed a few tricks from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on that one for sure!

  2. not throwing shade @ ms. watley, b/c madonna bit from her and made more money! but she was the prototype for madonna, janet, aliyah, ciara, rihanna, beyonce et al
    video did kill the radio star...
    if you could package and sell someone with limited vocal skills...
    you could clock doo doo dumb dollars and be the envy of all of your know who was the number one student....?
    you guessed it....Puffy...see Mary for details.

  3. Still have this on vinyl with the original jacket sleeve and not scratches.
    Surprised it's still in good condition after me killing it over and over again driving my mother crazy.


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