Redman Is So ‘Fly’

I was just talking about you, Reggie Noble aka Redman, the other day. I've heard you've been lurking around the Westside aka "the place it never rains" lately. Could it be because of our liberal views on certain green plants? Is that why you used a green strobe light in this video for "Lookin Fly"? Possibly, but I do know that this ode to Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" is pretty fly, as well as you are in a suit groovin' to the beat from The Jacksons' "This Place Hotel." I would have imagined when we first met years ago that by now you would have lost your luster. Now it looks as though you're just getting things started. 

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7 Responses

  1. Definitely a head nodder with the MJ sample nicely used. Red slimmed up a bit.

  2. Gotta love Redman...the "Ill Bee Dat" video is forever planted in my mind when I hear or see him. He'll always be one of my underground favs

  3. Not bad.....always liked Mr.Noble.

  4. Red has always been one of if not the most slept on MC. I wish him Erick and keith could reunite and start putting out good music again

  5. I found out about this yesterday and I loved it. I loved the nod to MJ and the "This Place Hotel" beat with the "Rock With You" feel. Very good.

  6. Red has always done his own thing...I like this joint

  7. Don't wait until the man passes on to the next phase before you want to start checking him out.