The Foreign Exchange To Bring ‘Authenticity’ This October

October 12, 2010. Add this date to your calendar right now and circle it in red, schedule an alarm or do whatever you need to do to remember it because that, my friends, is the release date of The Foreign Exchange's third album. Entitled Authenticity, Nicolay and Phonte will be coming back once again to change the game that we call urban music. Their sound is constantly evolving and from the delicious sneak peek that I've heard, one thing is for sure--expect the unexpected from these cats and their cohorts YahZarah, Darien Brockington and Zo!. While we wait for Authenticity to drop, you already know that next to FE's official website, SoulBounce will be Foreign Exchange Central in the coming months. So, yes, go ahead and start getting excited from now.

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2 Responses

  1. No need to circle the date because they missed my 28th birthday by ONE DAY! It's all good though. FE plus that beautiful Fall weather. You can't go wrong! What a perfect mood setter. FE is back, baby! Yeeauh!

  2. I'm so glad SB turned me on to FE! I can't wait unitl their next installment.


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