Brutha Gets Their ‘Freek’ On & We Like It

I'm surprised that I have actually heard of Brutha, a newish male R&B group who actually can sing and don't just sing about things that make me angry. However, my face automatically screwed up when I got wind that they are remaking classic '90s R&B such as 112, LSG, TyreseR. Kelly and Jodeci on their forthcoming mixtape Destination: Short Stay because, firstly, that was an era where R&B still involved actual singing and, secondly, I'm not old enough for no youngsters to be remaking songs that I was grooving to not that long ago--in my mind at least. But you know what? Brutha's take on Jodeci's "Freek'N You" sounds just as freak nasty as the original and nary a note was sung questionably. I'll be taking a trip down memory lane with this one but won't get too freaky since my back isn't used to the grinding I used to do. Their mixtape drops next week, so keep your eyes and ears here for all the details on a return to genuine harmonies and R&B. 

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  • B. Perry

    Oh No! Auto-Tune galore on this song. It's driving me crazy....

  • looks like the leavings of several groups. i see marcus houston, nokio, the 2nd lead singer from 112, and some other cats. ha! ok, maybe i should listen to it now.

  • stoneyisland

    so much for originality................................

  • baybruh

    their show on BET turned me off to them. I'm suprised they stop fighting long enough to record a mixtape

  • Jay

    Totally disagree with you on this one. The entire song is auto-tuned, and this group has added absolutely nothing to the original. In fact they've tried to do an exact copy, down to every riff and harmony. Why wouldn't I just listen to the original? K-Ci and Jojo didn't need to auto-tune their verses, and Devante was the master of using auto-tune properly and selectively to enhance a song, unlike these 'artists' who use it throughout the song just to cover up their lack of talent.

  • I remember these guys from their BET show. Wasn't impressed with them on the show, and still not impressed. Okay attempt, though. I'm sure the youngins will eat this up, but they don't know any better.

  • asiathor

    Boo. Hell to the NO. This sounds NOWHERE as good as the original. SOunds lethargic and just flat out WEAK. Shame on them.

  • muse

    Not the worst thing I've ever heard but nowhere near the original. Unless you are going to add something to a song, I don't see the point in remaking it. I think they can actually sing, but they just don't have a unique sound or vibe.

  • Unlike most of the other comments posted, I really dug them based on the BET reality drama (when it first aired). And I was eager to hear their debut, until I previewed it. Talk about disappointing! This remake doesn't blow me away but it's a far cry better than the material from the debut album. These boys can REALLY sing without all of the extra additives -- so totally unnecessary. We'll see what's to come but I can already kinda gauge it...

  • MusicINMySoul

    I think itsounds nice. I'll download the mixtape if it's frree of course. Brutha used to have their own reality show about a year or 2 ago. They're in their mid to late twenties, so don't feel too bad about the youngesters performing 90's hits, they're 80's babies.

  • Sorry, but once the vocals kicked in, I checked out. I just couldn't stay on board, 'cause I couldn't imagine it getting any better. Shoulda left that one alone, boys!


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