Calvin Richardson Thinks ‘You’re So Amazing’

Calvin Richardson may not have blown up yet--and I don't know why because this brother can sing rings around some folks--but it's just a matter of time. Perhaps 2010 is his year with the release of his third album in three years and fifth overall, America's Most Wanted, on August 31st. That's a pretty bold title, but he can back it up. Richardson has the kind of voice that'll have you sinning on Saturday night and getting sanctified come Sunday morning. (Let the church say amen!) That voice takes hold of the song "You're So Amazing" and caresses it with finesse. He sings about all the places he's been and things he's done, but nothing compares to his lady. This song is as sweet as brown sugar.

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7 Responses

  1. wow, he took the fishnet tank to a whole nother level. is that chain?

  2. say what you will but that last cd with the tribute to Bobby Womack is the shizznit for real. brother got that kinda soul in his voice and has had some shine even before that .

  3. I like this guy's voice. I've heard some of his songs before and I like the duet he did with Angie Stone on her second album but I never really got into him. Maybe I'll check him out now. This is a cool song.

  4. I LOVE this guys first LP. I play it often. Not sure why he hasn't blown up yet? He's a nice guy too. Good track.

  5. I've been flashing back and that tribute album he did was like that..He's a talent who has not been given his just due..Hopefully his time is now..
    Nice song

  6. Dope track... dude is one of the premier vocalist he sangs right along wit Aham (Anthony Hamilton) I was just listenen to his 1st album

  7. Calvin Richardson is one of a kind. The times he's been in the Jackson Mississippi area I have home to see him. Keep up the good work " You'te So Amazing".