‘Cant Help’ But Love This Michael Jackson Remake From Soul Cycle

If you have the gumption to remake a Michael Jackson song--least of all one of his most endearing tracks from the classic album Off the Wall--then you better bring it. Well, the group Soul Cycle with Mavis "Swan" Poole on vocals brings it and then some with their remake of the song "I Can't Help It" from their recently released EP, Flipped. They keep the essence of Michael's mid-tempo groove adding a horn arrangement and more percussion to the mix, giving it a tropical feel. My hips haven't stopped moving since I've played this (numerous times already, mind you). There are more treats to be found on Flipped including tracks by SoulBounce fave Saunders Sermons--who brought Soul Cycle to my attention--and Rogiérs who does a wicked cover of Outkast's "Prototype" on the EP, which can be downloaded directly from Bandcamp. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to hit play on this joint one more time and practice my Salsa.

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12 Responses

  1. WHOA! Very, VERY nicely done! EXCELSIOR!!!!

  2. Now I'm dancing too! Lovely track.

  3. this is coo, I like the instrumentation l but I'm kinda sick of people covering "I Can't Help It".....I love that song as much as anybody, but DAMN! why is that THE Michael Jackson song to cover.

  4. plus nobody can sing it as well as him either so why does everybody have to do THAT song?

  5. WOW yet another I can't help it cover

  6. Who else has covered this song?

  7. I agree that this a very popular song to cover & remix. At it's core, it's a very well-written tune. But seriously: can you truly say that there are very many GOOD ones?

  8. Yes I love this band! Thanks for telling the world about them, SB!

  9. Banging album. WORTH THE MONEY ! Prototype is the heat !

  10. @ Muse - I love Gretchen Parlato's cover of I Can't Help It as well as her version of SWV's Weak with Robert Glasper on keyboards and arranging.

  11. @Muse - one more for the road. Vijay Iyer's take on Human Nature - I still love the Miles Davis version as much as the original.

  12. soul cycle take this on a funky, spanish tinged journey. i'm diggin' it! love the horns & percussion....