‘Fall In Love’ With Estelle & John Legend

Estelle sings back into our good graces with this pleasant video for the song "Fall In Love" with John Legend and a cast of incredibly gorgeous people. It's your classic girl-meets-boy video with the boy she's after being an absolute babe who is clumsy to boot. The song is an infectious tune that I can't help but like, as it is a perfect sunroof-open, breezy track that highlights Estelle's vocals with simple clarity. Legend fits perfectly on the tune and into these almost commercial-like visuals with his own video boo. But, the plot is all about Estelle and her love interest, played by Hollywood hottie Jesse Williams. Estelle is a girl-next-door beauty (with some pretty nice shoes in one scene, I might add) who doesn't overdo it in the clip and makes it to the end in your typically predictable yet cutesy fashion. Chick-vid? All the way. But fellas, you may just like it, too, who knows? Tell us what you think.

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5 Responses

  1. Cool song and video. I'm glad because Estelle was starting to scare me when she put out "Freak." I'd like to hear how she would sound with a different male singer, though.

  2. I like this!

  3. I love the song and the vid but it really reminds me of "American Boy"!!

  4. i love hearing their voices together - they sound so great! i like this song! it is reminiscent of American Boy, though.


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