Fans Not Buying Music, Not Paying For Tickets Either

I won't lie. Like many of you and many other people you know, the advent of the rise of the internet has meant access to unprecedented things. Namely free music oftentimes before it hits shelves. Performers have long complained about this, the RIAA has done its best to vilify those who recklessly download without abandon, but the last stronghold has really been concert tickets. I justify not paying for an artist's music because I very often will pay top dollar for VIP access to see my favorite band, but it seems as though more and more people are fed up with exorbitant prices and add-on fees and consumed with furious anger when learning of discounted tickets after paying for a ticket's full price. These complaints aren't new, but the concert industry did lose 17% of its revenue compared to the first half of last year. Big name acts--Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber--are still raking in the dough, but many other acts big and small have scaled back or canceled their concert dates outright. What say you, Bouncers? Are you all still willing to pay to see your favorite acts live or is all the money gouging enough to keep you away?

Why People Aren't Going to Concerts Anymore [GAWKER]

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  2. I love going to concerts...don't mind the actual ticket price but the add-on fees are not what's hot in the streets. I try to avoid them as much as I can by getting the tickets directly from the venue if at all possible.
    so yea I'll still go to concerts and there are certain artists I will buy their music regardless of the internet's freezone 🙂

  3. it all the time! But it must entail real band and instrumentation, dope vocals....!

  4. I love a live show, so yes I'll still pay whatever for a concert if I'm really into an artist. I've actually been put on to a lot of people by going to live shows (opening acts for others and whatnot) so yeah concerts still do it for me.

  5. I go ONLY if the live performance is so dope that the cd doesn't do it justice. I've gone to concerts where really...I was like WHAT A WASTE?? Coulda caught a performance on tv on an awards show. Real artists who have REAL TALENT, REAL VOCALS, REAL SHOWMANSHIP aka Corinne Bailey and even John Mayer. You leave feeling that for what they gave you- you paid so cheaply. There are plenty of nonsense ppl like Kesha, and even Trey Songz that I WILL NOT PAY A DIME to go see Live. I'm feening for the Grown man tour headlined by Raheem DV- that's some real ish right there!

  6. No problem paying a few hundred bucks for a ticket if I love the artist

  7. I think some artists should have a better understanding of what kind of venue their music is best suited too. I don't know that I need to pay 100+ dollars to see Jill or Maxwell in a stadium, when a 9:30 club venue is better suited to the intimate nature of their music and feels more immediate. Some artists could get more mileage out of mid-sized venues where they will not have to worry about the lost money if they don't sell out. Some artists should also just tour more often and get on that grind and not rely on a big stadium show that only hits the biggest cities to make them enough money to keep them laced in designer duds.
    That said, the reality is that concerts are quickly becoming the product (replacing CDs) that industy is using to take advantage of the music listening public. So much of the pricing far outstrips the quality of the music, the caliber of the artist, and the quality of the show. Adding more people to the bill doesn't necessarily get you more show because it does mean that each artist has less time to perform (guaranteeing that you are going to hear the same 5 songs, the same 5 singles that you always here when you see them).
    We all recognize that artists have to make money, but the pricing is ridiculous and artists have to put on a show that is worth whatever price the consumer is charged.

  8. I don't do arenas or stadiums, they're not worth it unless you're in the first couple of rows...or unless you're someone like Mike or Janet.
    I prefer smaller venues because they are more intimate and generally cheaper. Annnd I'm not paying over $40 to see anybody unless I love em and know they can put on a dope show, i.e. Erykah.

  9. SB-are you know insinuating Maxwell canceled due to low ticket sales after your initial "hypothesis"?

  10. Since I understand that artists make very little money from cd sales, those I love the most get my concert money. Live singing and musicianship blasts any studio recording out the water any day in any venue.

  11. What Tyler on.

  12. I think artists have to come to the conclusion that this is a new day and age for the everything. People can't afford these huge venue concerts like they use to. Its time to scale back the tours. Do 3,000 seat venues and bring the price down. For the music sales you have to combat the leakers. Son as you finish the album, get everything cleared, drop it. I know who's cd I will buy already. Why should I have to wait two months for a Roots or Big Boi album that's ready to go?

  13. I rarely pay for cd's these days but I do pay for high end tickets of the big acts and try to catch all the up and coming artist. Due to bad promotion or shortage of funds I don't get to see everyone I would like to because I don't have the money or I don't know they had a show before the tickets sellout.

  14. Last year I saw Prince at the Nokia Center in downtown Los Angeles. I bought two tickets at $78.00 each. It was the best entertainment value ever! I looked into getting tickets to the Maxwell/ Jill Scott concert. I decided to pass because the concert was in Staples Center. I wasn't interested in taking in a concert in a twenty thousand seat venue.
    Also, decent seat were running $150.00 each. Sorry, I'm not paying that much to see those two in a basketball arena. I would rather go to a smaller venue and hear an underground artist and use the rest of the money to take my wife out for a five star dinner afterward.

  15. I agree with Tyler that some artists need to get a better understanding of what kind of venue suits their music, I paid huge bucks to see Maxwell last year at the verizon center and even though I loooove Maxwell I felt something was amiss, I gladly passed on paying $150 per ticket for this year's tour. I would rather pay to see him at a more intimate venue. That being said I pick and chose who I pay big bucks to see, artists like Angie Stone, Jill Scott, Chaka Khan e,t,c will get my money depending on the venue they are playing.

  16. 100+ is too much for ANY artist nowadays. Much too often ive been to high priced venues for mediocre performances, but go to underground events sometimes for free and don't have my voice from screaming or sore from all the dancing. As for Cds I still have stacks of cds from where I have bought them (REGULARLY PRICED) and even bought them again from them being stolen so for me so I can give a damn if they don't like downloading or not. Many of times its the people behind the artist that complaining because they get a bigger cut from the sells than the artist him/herself. Too many times ive paid 15-18 bucks (back in the day) for an album and only 2 or 3 songs out of a 12-15 track lp were DECENT. Rip off!! I just go to the concert and buy their apparel or something (they get a bigger percentage from those sells anyway)


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