Kid Sister Does It ‘Big N Bad’

I still haven't made up my mind whether I like Kid Sister or not. Although she's a grown woman, her music is real juvenile to me. Case in point, the song "Big N Bad," which she has decided to make a video for. The most appealing part of the track is the sample of Yazoo's "Don't Go," which set many a party off back in the day. But the rest of it? I couldn't even tell you what this woman-child is rapping about but I'm almost 100% sure it's something trite. Even though I checked out while listening to the song, the video did catch my eye. Set in my favorite city and Kid Sister's hometown, Chicago, it's full of color and fits the energy of the music. 

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4 Responses

  1. about nicki minaj, she once said "is she serious?"
    kid sister are you serious?

  2. Um yeah so I just couldn't make it through the entire video. This is my first time hearing any of her music or seeing her. It just seemed weird, like she is too grown for this kind of music. I have no idea what the song was about.

  3. I like Kid Sister. She's fun. Yeah she's older - but so what? There are a bunch of artists doing things that aren't "appropriate" for their age (see Beyonce). She does club music because that's what she likes. Her album was actually pretty good. Daydreaming is one of my favorite songs. Check it out here
    And her cover of Status IV's You Ain't Really Down is pretty dope.

  4. @eghocentric
    I'm not hating on her at for being "older" but she just seemed out of place in that video and song to me. I watched the video for "Daydreaming" (thanks for the link) and I definitely enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of the song or her singing voice but I did like her flow on the rap verse.