Michael Jackson Gets You Up To ‘Speed’

Out of all the songs from Michael Jackson's Moonwalker "Smooth Criminal" is my favorite. But after that "Speed Demon" comes in a close second. The track was just so funky and wasn't readily available and didn't regularly play on the radio at least where I was residing. Luckily, my internet supersleuthing unearthed this track and the actual short feature that accompanied the song is after the bounce.
After the bounce

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  1. A man that was so full of energy while in body, it is so hard for me to realize sometimes that he has passed away. This song has always been one of my favorites. From the 7:20 mark on to the end of the video, MJ classic. Memories of my childhood, ahhh MJ is the soundtrack of my life.

  2. From the first time I heard this song as a kid, I knew I was born for speed.
    Once I got my DOHC GSR, I had to play this on the highway.
    Great song for cutting through traffic. Still play it to this day.
    And of course MJ looks HAWT in this video....fine as eva!

  3. Oh my God I remember this video (part of the movie) scared the crap out of me as a kid! The bunny thing was horrific!

  4. I shutter to admit this, but I sing this song all the time...That damn bunny scared the crap outta me as a kid, but I religiously watched moonwalker, as craptastic as it was! I love MJ!

  5. So dope. Damn I love this song. I gotta play this next time I'm on the

  6. I have forever said that my favorite MJ ad libs came from this song. Eat your ticket right....get yo...hoooooo.....You gotta love the dance off with spike (the rabbit) at the end.