Monáe Watch 2010: ‘Cold War’ Wondamix Casts Song In Different Light

The Wondamix of Janelle Monáe's "Cold War" definitely changes its energy. The original is frenetic, on the verge. By giving it some Spanish guitar and slowing the beat it definitely has a more dissonant vibe. It's kind of like the dust settling or something. Bracing before continuing on rather than rushing to the front lines. For such a really stark message, this has a nice groove. Still, it maintains the tropes that make up The ArchAndroid very well. A great remix.


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    DOPE, She can do no wrong!!!!
    Love this chillax remix, it is indeed a very cold war!

  2. I'm feeling this...yes...*nodding*

  3. Janelle gave us a lil' bit a taste of this remix in the Tightrope video intro. I'm glad she's brought the music to life with Cold War. Keep it going JM!

  4. Funny, I was just coming on here to say that Janelle can do no wrong only to see that "Orange Star..." had just posted the same thing. Regardless, this remix is cool. It's nice to see artists in this genre making forays into the lounge/downtemp arena because there's a great market for them there, and the lounge scene can often be a bit lacking in "soul", so bring it together!

  5. I'm not a huge fan of hers but this is dope and she does have an amazing voice. This will definitely be on my playlist.

  6. It seems as though I can't tire of Janelle Monae, not that I'm complaining. Just an observation...

  7. I hope all the acclaim is transforming into sales because I want more and more from her.


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