Monáe Watch 2010: Futuristic Blog Gets Inside Janelle’s Circuits, Gives Awesome Profile

How appropriate is it that one of the best profiles/interviews of Janelle Monáe was conducted by science fiction site i09? They really get into what really makes Cindy tick, making great connections like the one between her tweenaged band The Weirdoz and her repeated use of the word weirdo on "Faster" from The ArchAndroid. Also, how amazing is it that she is being championed by a non-music centered site? Very.

They gave her the space to provide a really great description of her vision for the future, one that pop culture or music sites might not have had the room for, where she says the following:

"It'll happen - there'll be a point where the android's brain will have mapped out that of a human's, and their knowledge will have surpassed that of ours. And we won't be able to differentiate the speaking voice of an android from an actual human's."

Which she's long been prognosticating. And alongside that Serious Business they highlight something she announces at her concerts that is much more whimsical and fun that's a part of her "Droid Commandments":

"Please be aware that children conceived during the show or within 48 hours thereafter may be born with wings. The Wondaland Arts Society will not be held liable for this phenomenon or be held responsible for parenting or providing for your flying children.

Of course, they go over some well-tread territory like her gender neutrality, but it all is really worth a read.

Janelle Monáe turns rhythm and blues into science fiction [i09]

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