‘No One’s Gonna’ See Cee-Lo In His New Music Video

Warning, this video is not safe for work because it contains brief nudity. But that's not Cee-Lo frolicking around with his naughty bits on blast. As a matter of fact, Mr. Green is nowhere to be found in the visuals for the song "No One's Gonna Love You," the first video from his upcoming album, tentatively titled Cee-Lo Green is the Lady Killer. The song may be a cover of a Band of Horses track, but the video is 100% original and is an epic movie boiled down to just shy of 3:30 minutes. Starring an unknown (to me at least) pair of actors, we see the young couple hit the road in their convertible and do what lovers do. But tension arises toward the end when one of them makes a decision that leads the other to question their relationship. You'll have to watch to see what happens, of course. Although Cee-Lo is M.I.A., he sounds awesometacular singing the song and this is a very intriguing video.

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4 Responses

  1. Me love Cee-Lo and pretty white people in videos. This song is a win. The video is quite interesting in a good artsy film kinda way.

  2. So she's mad that he didn't jump with her?

  3. Rollo Love is gonna have to come a lot harder then this if he wants me to cop his new album.........................

  4. love it, great song and video, I wanna see the whole movie!


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