Oceana Wants To Give You All Her ‘La La’

I've been caught sleeping on an artist yet again, but thank goodness it's never too late discover good music. My latest "discovery" is singer Oceana. The German Chocolate and French Caribbean stunner released her debut album, Love Supply, in 2009 overseas, and now she's making waves in the States with its re-release on these shores last month. One of the songs to be found on the record is "La La," which is as fun and flirty as Oceana is sassy and sexy in the video. Check her working it all the way out right here.


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4 Responses

  1. Loved this song as soon as the beat kicked in and loved it even more after she started singing. Can't wait to hear more from her!

  2. agree with @missa. She seems to have a infectious performance personality! Love it!! especially with island heritage- love it!! Her voice has something similar to Amy Winehouse but I lover her bubbliness!! Going to check out tourdates for US if she has any!!

  3. Thanks, love the song and the video. =D
    I found this live in youtube and I love this song even more!!

  4. The CD is a breathe of fresh (sexy) air. 🙂 I'm afan now. Thanks!!


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