‘Rise Up’ With Kissey Asplund

Taking a page out of Prince's book and giving her fans a musical gift on her birthday is Kissey Asplund who shared a new song on her Bandcamp page today in honor of her born day. In case you've been wondering what the Swedish songstress has been up to, she's been working on a new album and "Rise Up (Oxygen Skyer)" is a track that she couldn't wait to share with folks. This is a demo, so the final version may sound different but right now it's sounding pretty good to my ears. Is it just me or does anyone else hear shades of Badu when she sings? Nonetheless, enjoy this track--especially with a free download.

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  1. Avatar

    never heard of her
    why is every eccentric chick with curly hair trying to be a rnb singer

  2. This is my first time hearing of her and I'm not feeling it. Her voice just isn't that pleasant to my ear. I wish her the best though.

  3. @ muse + PolInc
    entitled to your own opinions indeed but KA has done great work AND has been for quite sometime over on the EU side of town. 1st, Oxygen Skyer was initially set to be a side project to Kissey's true work - sep band and all. So w/o even listening to the track, I know that it's likely going to be something left of what ppl are accustomed to from she.
    Pls go listen to the following:
    Faster (Yann Kesz rmx)
    SynthaSizey ft Kissey Asplund - PUDGE
    Fuss n Fight
    Space Water Babies ft Kissey Asplund + Replife - The Astronote
    Try not to base your opinions of someone you admittedly DON'T know off one track - and as I explained for clarity, a side project.

  4. @mymanhenri
    Thanks for the info on her other work. I'm not writing her off completely, just giving my impression based on the only thing I've heard from her so far. Maybe I'll check out her other stuff as well.

  5. someone please tell babygirl to eat a couple of big macs or sumptin, she looks painfully skinny.................

  6. i love kissey. but im really not feelin this.


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