Say Hello To Cookin’ Soul’s ‘Summer In Brooklyn’

Even if you're not living there or visiting, you've probably heard how hot it is in New York City right now. Sweltering. Oppressive. But then "Summer In Brooklyn" comes on and I wanna get on a plane to the city, land and head straight to a sweaty rooftop party in the borough that goes hard. Cookin' Soul blended Quincy Jones' "Summer In The City" and Jay-Z's "Hello Brooklyn," featuring Lil Wayne, to produce a bona-fide summer jam. The video is simple, kinetic typography of the song's lyrics laid over black and white images of Brooklyn. It's like popsicles and sunset. [H/T: PBB]

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  1. always loved this sample, and this joint is smoove but i still think Pharcyde flipped it the best with she keeps on passing me by....


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