SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #31 ‘Can You Feel It’

'Cause were all the same
Yes the blood inside of me is inside of you


By now it should come as no surprise that when The Jacksons get together, the message more often than not is one of love, peace, soul and listen to this awesome song and come together. Not now, but right now. 

I always seem to forget that it's not "Can You Feel It?" that was inspired from a composition by Wagner, but "This Place Hotel." I mean, judging from the opening sequence of the video, you're not really quite sure what to expect with the orchestral strings and theatrical-level voice over. But once the music starts, it's all rings of fire--especially one that is dangerously close to Michael's head pre-Pepsi video disaster--Mothra-sized Jacksons imploring the multicultural masses to dance together in the sepia moonlight. The fact that these special effects were the best 1980 could buy is not impressive. The fact that this song is still jam-worthy is. Or the fact that Tito Jackson often takes to Twitter asking the same question this song poses is also impressive. Or, lastly, maybe the fact that this track represents one of the last few times that Michael would collaborate with his brothers before releasing a little album named Thriller and receiving the ordinary title of the "King Of Pop." 
"Can You Feel It" represents a simpler time, even though the video's graphics were anything but. But the most happiness exuding from the screen and this song seems not to come from their fans, but from the brothers themselves. And can we feel that? Undoubtedly.

The Jacksons: "Can You Feel It"

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6 Responses

  1. lol dont slam the graphics so hard. I like them. It's almost a dream state. A lot better than many music videos I've seen today.

  2. Who slammed the graphics? LOL

  3. This was my joint, still is, I think this was the first million dollar video, the graphics were better star wars:-)

  4. Danced then; dancing now.

  5. If you look closely, you can see Tito's 2 oldest sons in the video. I remember thinking that this video was "state of the art" back in the day. I suppose it was, to some extent. It's cheesy as hell today, but still entertaining nonetheless.

  6. Those graphics were the shyt back then...and the Star Wars sound effects!!!
    Made the song even better. Love that video.
    Love this song and especially the live version. Love how it was also later sampled by Tod Terry for Royal House's 'Can You Feel'


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