SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #32 ‘Workin’ Day And Night’

I'll be working
From sun up to midnight


When Michael Jackson sang about being "so tired, tired now" you know that he meant it in a way we could never understand. Sure he directed his lyrics and energy in "Workin' Day and Night" toward an unnamed lover, but he was also clearly singing to his fans. And how exactly did he present his exhaustion? With one of the highest energy dance tracks from Off The Wall.

From its opening moments, Michael injects the song with as much frenetic energy as possible through vocal ticks and double-timed percussive elements. And the anxious and infectious beat pounds on, unrelentingly, for the next three minutes. "Workin' Day and Night" encapsulates those moments when you are completely exhausted but incapable of stopping. In fact, this is Michael's second-wind. His first truly independent venture as an artist after a grueling adolescence of performance and fame.

He wanted us to keep up. And it was nearly impossible to resist.

Entering fully into the prime of his creativity, Michael made bold decisions on "Workin' Day and Night," which he penned himself. The undeniable tap of disco, the horn blasts chased by his own adlibs, the unsung bass-lick in the middle, all of it is exhilarating. He was bent on carving his own niche, working out some of his trademark sounds and exploring the reaches of his large, beautiful and grown voice.

That said, this song is funky. Play this song and try not to dance. "Workin' Day and Night" has all of the jitteriness of a caffeine buzz on two hours sleep and all of the punch of disco-pop feverishness to this day, nearly 31 years after its release.

Michael Jackson: "Workin' Day and Night"

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11 Responses

  1. Easily one of my faves...questionable placement but I ain't opening that can o' worms with ya'll...I see it's already been adressed to death in the peanut gallery...
    Good job on this list though SB. Keep it up...

  2. Where did you get that picture!!!!!!
    JHERI CURL to the MAX!!!
    Love the beginning of this song. Gives you a taste of what's to come.
    Sunset Driver is just as hawt as this song. Should have made the album.

  3. Whoa... Whats going on with that hair?

  4. I love late 70s Mike! Give him a break. Working day and night leaves no room for proper curl activation.
    Full disclosure: my hair looked like that this morning.

  5. a good way

  6. ridiculous song from one of the incomparable albums.......& yea "Sunset Driver" and "Got The Hots" could have made the album.

  7. love this song. definitely makes me dance! and how cool is MJ in that pic above, curly mop hair and all..

  8. Damn, it burns me to say this & as impossible as it may seem, that's not a flattering pic of Mike AT ALL. lol
    Love 'Workin' Day and Night' though! (who doesn't?) *thumbs up*

  9. Michael's hair is EVERYTHING in this photo. Wooooooo!

  10. Whoa, MJ's hair took the day off in that pic.

  11. Activator definitely took the day off in that pic.
    Also-is it me or does he look eerily like Randy in that picture?