SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #34 ‘This Place Hotel’

She thought that I had cheated for another lover
I turn my back to see that I'm undercover
Now I can't convince this girl there ain't no other


Fresh from the success of his disco-laden
declaration of independence, Off the Wall, and before the biggest pop record of his career and that the world had ever seen, Thriller, Michael Jackson sandwiched his next-to-last studio album with his brothers nicely in between. Of the three singles from The Jacksons' 1980 release Triumph, "Lovely One," "Can You Feel It" and "This Place Hotel," the latter was by and far the funkiest cut from the album.

Initially named "Heartbreak Hotel" but later changed to "This Place Hotel," not only was this song a funky gumbo of guitars, strings, woodwinds and percussion, but it was also one of the grittier songs that Michael had written. This was no "ABC" or "Ben." At 21, Jackson was grown and singing about grown-man business. The precursor to "Billie Jean," Mike sang a twisted tale of heartbreak caused by his lady kicking him to the curb after he gets accused of cheating on her with an evil temptress or two. Love might have checked into this hotel, but it didn't check out.

The Jacksons: "This Place Hotel"

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13 Responses

  1. This song has one of the greatest arrangements in RnB. But I've always wondered why it is titled "This Place Hotel". Not only is it obviously titled "Heartbreak Hotel", it was listed and announced as such when it was played back in the day.
    Was there a request to change it from being the same title as an Elvis Presley tune ( Michaels' one time father in law Ha!!!!!) I wonder.

  2. yeah they wanted to change it because of elvis. which is unfair since whitney got to use it. I call it "heartbreak Hotel" because that's the name. i dont give a flying damn about elvis. it's better than his version anyway

  3. This goes so hard. Kudos for the BJ mention.

  4. My number 1 and 2 fluctuate between this song and another. If my other one ends up out of the top 10 I will be devastated.

  5. I had the LP when it originally came out and the song was called Heartbreak Hotel so I never understood when years later they changed the title. "This Place Hotel" doesn't even make sense. Great song. Can't believe Michael was only 21 on this.

  6. I can't help but jam to this song when I hear it. I even know the moves from the Bad concert when MJ performed this tune. Michael wrote, composed, and performed this song all by himself. That's what I call genius, (and you do hear Latoya doing the scream in the beginning).

  7. This is probably my fave mj joint. I LOVED it as a kid, but didnt really get what what he was talking about, but as an adult I can fully grasp the concept. The arrangements, and melodies and just overall sound/vibe of the song are still dope as hell. Absolute CLASSIC. I always knew about the title switch up and always thought elvis and his peoples could go to hell...This song is leaps and bounds better.

  8. Number 34???? come on SB ya'll straight trippin' 🙂 this is top 15 material.........................

  9. yea, I'm scatching my head at this being at #34. I mean DAMN! If this is #34, then ya'll musta really went in on that Top 20.....FORREAL. But still tho, #34, for THIS? iono bout that.

  10. Avatar

    Def one of my favs.

  11. CLASSIC!!!! but #34 I dunno

  12. def one of the funkiest songs ive heard in a while...

  13. Great choice. I'd put this in the top 15, easily.


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