SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #36 ‘Say Say Say’ Feat. Paul McCartney

Standing here
Baptized in all my tears

As with most of us, when a new Michael Jackson video debuted back in the day, it was an event. I'm talking, stop-everything-that-you're-doing-while-the-entire-family-crowds-around-the-good-television-type event. Even though I was but a wee-likkle youth at the time, I can clearly remember the first time I watched Paul McCartney and MJ's video for "Say Say Say." OMG, there was so much that my five-year-old self wanted in that video! Between La Toya's (then) beauty to the idea of having Michael playfully vie for my attention, I was sent spinning into daydream heaven. Every time the video would come on, I would grab my towel and prance around the house, while an imaginary Jackson and Paul McCartney sang to me.

Twenty-seven years later, it still has the same effect. While I now fight the urge to grab that towel (winning only sometimes), I always find myself transported back to that feeling of excitement and childhood longing that I felt.

Out of all of hiss duets, this ranks as one of my faves, thanks to the chemistry between Jackson and McCartney. When the two got together, musical magic was made. And although their friendship would later fall apart, we're happy that the duo at least left us with gems like this one.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney: "Say Say Say"

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12 Responses

  1. This has always been one of my all time fave MJ songs.He and Sir Paul were amazing together.

  2. This is a fav of mine. they didnt have a big falling out really, they just drifted. mj was still thanking paul on later albums.

  3. I couldn't believe that was his sister when this came out (Latoya) pretty.
    And of course MJ was fine as HELL!

  4. Latoya as Mike's love interest always creeped me all the way out, even as a kid. Ick. Love this song though.

  5. Loved the song, but the video never did sit well with me. First of all, LaToya being cast as MJ's love interest, then the expression on Michaels face after Paul puts a glob of shaving cream on it. Got reeeeal homoerotic for a minute.

  6. Same comments as The Girl Is Mine. I just don't like Mike's collabos, they are more "validate me, hero" than music. This is just complete cheese. This would probably compete for worst MJ song of all time with Whassup Wit You wit Eddie Murphy.

  7. Classic......Once again Mike brings the funk.

  8. i was admittedly confused about mj singing to his sis as well, but i think even then, i knew he marched to the beat of a MUCH different drum lol. i just remember asking my mom over and over why was he singing to his sister. can't recall her response but i think i was too head over heels to care. can't agree that this was one of his worst tho. i adore mikey's vocals on this tune

  9. Terrible video but the song's better than I remember it as being and not buried in vocal tics and mannerisms. Is that a Stevie song? If it's not he's owed some royalties.

  10. Agreed this song is pure cheese, song and video...
    This top 50 countdown is actually showing me that I didn't really like many of Michael Jackson's songs. I appreciate him for nostalgia's sake but when it comes down to it, I dont think most of this is very good aside from Off the Wall (which I expect will show up later in the countdown)...

  11. Anon, your're obviously allowed to like whatever u wanna like but I would suggest that u remember 2 things.
    1) This is only 50 of Michael's songs.....thats it. That's like 15% of his catologue so maybe you need to revisit your MJ (just sayin').
    2) This is also Soulbounce's list (which I'm liking pretty well). So I'm sure your Top 50 Michael Jackson songs list would be very different.....Hell, mine would too!

  12. Still can't believe the guy is dead. I was never a fan of him in the later stages of his life; rumours in the news and all that. But my god, the man was/still is a musical genius!


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