There’ll Be ‘Repercussions’ If You Don’t Listen To This ‘New’ Lauryn Hill Song

Seeing the words "new Lauryn Hill song" are the equivalent to "congratulations, you've won a million dollars" in my world. OK, maybe not quite, but it does feel like I've hit the jackpot with "Repercussions," an L-Boogie track that surfaced on the internet this weekend. Just how new it is is also up for debate, but whether it's an outtake from the Miseducation days or a truly new buzz track is of no consequence. All that matters is that Lauryn sounds awesome here singing about what goes around comes around. Yes it does, and here's to hoping--praying--that Miss Hill has finally come around, too. 

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  1. I miss Lauryn's work so much...this is a breath of fresh air...Thanks for the look Ms. Butta!

  2. fresh, crisp, just what the music industry needs. This sista is so talented yet so tormented, I hope God leads her to whatever she is searching for. If it's music so be it if it's something besides for music we should still be happy for the sista. Do your thang L-Boogie

  3. I've always loved L-Boogie! The MisEducation is one of the most important albums ever recorded and released, I really like this record! I can hear it on the radio now. It's simple enough for a cross section of folks but still maintains Lauryn's lyrically conscious and soulful standard.

  4. im thinkin this is old, but im def feelin it...

  5. Definitely a welcomed change of pace.

  6. I think this maybe from the album that was recorded right before the Fugees ill fated reunion. I'll take it though

  7. I said it onceandI'llkeepsaying it until it happens.
    "Lauryn Hill is the ONLY artist capable ofputting out a project as relavent and soulful as Stevie Wonder's "Songs In the Key Of Life".
    The Only. Period.

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    i was just looking into Lauryn yesterday because a lot of people tell me that she reminds them of me, it's funny to see an exclusive the next day like she was feeling me searching for her. Lauryn I want you to know that although your music is educational to the youth in despair I understand how hard it is to break barriers and if you feel like its not worth the fight and that you just want the value of raising your children then more power to you sista . . but you have been on my mind . . from another Lauren

  9. The second verse is the strongest element to the song. It deserves a better intro, conclusion and more 'apt' chorus. If this is the finished product, it's messy IMO. If it's a work in progress, it's a gem waiting for a platinum setting. Mx

  10. I thought the song was pretty good . she's very senetive trying to bring back that old r&b like a new classic to the table so I would rate it a nine for me.

  11. Sooo soft and sweet! So refreshing to hear this beautiful voice once again! Long awaited and definately worth the wait. nLove love love it! The repercussions for not listening to this song is youll MISS OUT ON THE AWESOME VIBE! Keep on keepin on girl. Still tryin to live up to your lovelyness n my own singing =) ...P.S.- Eric Roberson gotchya back on this cuz I wouldnt have even known about this except through his status update on FB -)

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  13. Sounds like Erykah Badu's "Honey."